Friday, August 18, 2017


Making the ransom video

The room was pitch black.
Coach Lopez and his 4 star players were tightly bound to chairs.
Their crossed bound wrists had been pushed up and roped to the top of the chair as their biceps budged in the ropes that lashed them to the sides.  Each ankle had been to a front leg, and their thighs were pulled together and roped to the seat.
A large wad of duct tape was across their mouths.

  Suddenly the door opened.

The tape was pulled off of their mouths.

And light flooded the room.

"The university is slow in getting the ransom for you men.  Untie the coach, strip him to the waist and stretch him out!"

The whimpering young men watched them cut Lopez from the chair, pull off his shirt, tied a rope around each of his wrists, and stretched him out.

The bound boys were screaming....

trashing their bodies against the ropes as he fired 4 shots in rapid succession.

Each one grazed the coach's sides, scaring his ribs.

The coach slumped.

They took the duct tape and again taped the coach and the boys mouths.

The lights were turned off and the door closed leaving them in darkness.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

His luck ran out.

"That right boy, loose that shirt, I want you to feel the ropes!"

Jake stripped to the waist.

He leaned against his truck.

"What are you going to do, tie me up and leave me out here?"

"I'm going to tie you up so fucking tight that you are going to think your arms are breaking, and and struggle will make the ropes slice through your bare chest!"

Jake realized this was turning out very bad.  He was hijacked, they have his truck, he is in the deep woods, and now was going to be roped and left.

Jake stared at him.  "Get it over with!" and surrendered himself to be bound.

He struggled to his feet.  Even that was torture.  He bit down hard on the knotted bandanna gagging him.  He looked around.  Totally abandoned.  He tried to scream out by the gags did their job well.

He felt his shoulders were being torn from their sockets.  He looked down at his chest.  The rope was coarse and rough and streams of blood were coming from under it, mixing with his sweat.

He could only imagine what his arms had become.

Bound wrists pushed up his back to his neck.  Elbows are forearms rope together.  It felt that a mile of rope now circled his body from his neck to his belt.

The two abductors  played a tug-of-war as the tied him up.

His only luck was they did not bind his legs and his feet.  So he could at least walk and try to find help, any one who could possible untie him.


He walked for hours.

The bugs were feasting on him.

The sweat was burning his eyes.

He was numb now, so the torturous pain his is arms was lest, but his chest and gut was raw with blood and sweat.

He had heard a noise in the distance.

He followed it.  Jack was quickly loosing strength and dehydrating. If he did not get some help soon, he would just fall to the ground and die.

He walked.

Bound and gagged.

"Now what do we have here, a boy, all tied up!"

Jake was pleading with him.  He came to Jake and looked at his bounds.

"Were you kidnapped boy?  Did you escape.  Somebody sure knew how to tie you up."

He loosened the gags.

"Please untie me,"he whispered.  "They took my truck, tied me up and left me in the woods."

"You want some water?"

"Just untie me he begged."

"Untie you?  There could be some money in this."

He put the gags back.

And kicked Jack to the ground.

"I think I am going to get some rope and tie up those legs of yours.  Then I find out who you are and hold your for ransom!"

Jake closed his eyes and his legs and feet were tied, and his ankles hogtied to his wrists.   He took Jake's wallet.

"Now lets find out how much you are worth!"

All Jake could do was to lie there in withering pain.

His luck ran out.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kidnapped in the woods

They tied their wrists in front of them and then to the ATV.

There they were forced to march at a sprint pace, or be dragged.

They were marched for several hours.

Until they reached their destination.

They cut their hands free.

They were exhausted, soaked with sweat.

They looked at the dilapidated cabin, roof gone.

But some timber uprights were still in place.

They whispered:

"They are going to tie us up here."  "Yeah, against those beams."  "Shit, and leave us here?"  "Damm, we are fucked!"

Paolo was still dazed from the forced walk.  He struggled to his feet and hobbled to the cabin.

He was pushed against the left column.

His hands were pulled behind it.


His upper arms.  Roped

His neck.  Roped.

His chest and gut.  Roped.

His thighs, knees and ankles.  Roped

All lashing him to the column.

They shoved a rag deep down his throat, and roped between his teeth, lashing his head too.

They then  forced Tommy to the column on the right, and fully roped him, lashing him to it.

They were unable to move.

With some photos..... and a video....

Their abductors drove off.

Leaving them helpless.


24 hours latter.

The ransom had been paid.

They had cut Paolo and Bobby free.  The boys collapsed.  They could not walk or talk.  They dumped their tortured bodies into the Hunter's SUV and left them on an old country road.


A month latter.

Jake stood by his truck as Paolo and and Bobby took a picture.  Jake had been driving that night and say something strange on the side of the road.  He stopped and saw two bodies.  Jake at first thought they were dead but one moaned.  He saw the rope burn and realized that these were the boys who had been kidnapped. Jake got they into the back of his truck, and drove for help.  Now they returned to the cabin where they had been tied up.

Jake had just one request..

Soon Jake were all tied up and gagged and lashed to the column.

As he watched them take his truck and drive away.

He heard thunder in the distance, and he began to wonder if this was a good idea.

And then the panic began!