Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Ramos boys

Four double loop plastic handcuffs restrained each of the Ramos' brother arms behind their backs:

  • Just above their biceps at the shoulder
  • Above the elbows
  • In the middle of their forearms
  • at their wrists.
Hector's shirt had been ripped off his body, torn into shreds, and stuffed into his and Paolo's mouths,
gagging them with a single loop cuff between their teeth and around their heads.

Paolo had fought them as they bound him.

Now his arms were a mass of raw flesh.  They kicked the 18 year olds feet from under him, and his crashed onto his back.  He bit hard on the gag... he would not show them any weaknesses though the pain came in waves.  They removed his boots and socks and depantsed him, leaving him only wearing his boxers.  Again they used four double cuffs:

  • In the middle of his thighs
  • Just above and below his knees
  • And his ankles.
Tearing his jeans they blindfolded him and held it in place with a single cuff.

Paolo could here them binding his 19 year old brother Hector.
He could hear Hector struggling and they subdued the muscular teen.

Paulo was brought to his knees and they slammed his sweaty torso against his brother.

A rough strong rope was circled around their bodies from their necks to their knees. They could feel each other's hearts pounding rapidly in their chests as they bodies were squeezed together.

Kicked, they collapsed onto Paolo's arms who could no longer
hold back his gagged screams and they tied their ankles together.

Grabbing them, they put them on their feet, and tied a noose
around the older brother's neck stretching him up until he was taut, sweat pouring down his face.

They beat up Hector on a video feed to his father as a ransom video .until he was unconscious, and left them with Paulo  holding up his limp brother trying to keep him from hanging by his neck!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

"...a few questions."

Renzo knew he was deep shit.
His cover - broken.
Abducted by drug lords.
About to be bound.

His gut was sore from the punches.
His face bloody from the beating.

The gun, deep down his throat made him choke.

His wrists numb from the tight ropes.

The boot deep into his spine.

The ropes being looped around his arms, just above his elbows.

Then the pull...
the yank...
 The screams!

His arms pulled together and were secured just above his elbows and the middle of his forearms.

Being dragged across the floor.

Ropes circling his biceps.
Then heaved up
Strung up by his amrs
Shoulders dislocating.

Ankles  tied.
Legs bent back and bound.


Doused with gasoline.

Panting for breath...
Soaked in sweat.....

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Bait

Justin was not going to be tied up without a fight.  It took the two of them to wrestle him to the ground.  Justin was kicking and punching until he was kicked in his balls.  That's when they had him and roped up the sweaty boy.
When they had his arms lashed together behind his back at his wrists, elbows and triceps, they circled his pecs and abs with ropes pushing his forearms deep into his spine.  Roping his legs and ankles, they dragged the bound boy by his feet into the old barn.  The backs of his roped arms were scrapped raw.

They put the rope from the winch around his boots and hoisted him up until his head was 6 feet off the floor.  They the shoved a dirty rag into his mouth and tied it in place by rope between his teeth.

As the sweat dripped down his body, one of his abductors pulled off his mask.  Justin's eyes widened with fright ... It was Tommy Burke, the loan shark who had his older brother drowning in debt... 

Justin began to crunch up his body in a desperate attempt to free himself as his captors laughed. Finally he just hung there as one of them made a call.

Justin closed his eyes.
He realized he and Jake
were in deep shit!


Ice cold water jarred Justin back into consciousness.  He jerked his roped body.  He had been cut down, and he lay on his side, hogtied.  He need time for his eyes to focus... the salt in his sweat had burned his eyeballs. 

Then I was cut down and hogtied.

They left and we jerked our bodies towards each other.  Justin's numb fingers pulled the tape off my mouth and I began to bite threw his ropes.  When his arms were free, we untied me.  Broken and beaten we walked out of the barn and looked for help.